If you are looking for a way to keep your child(ren) active look no further! We’ve got you covered with our May virtual classes. You can choose one class or an unlimited class ‘Lightning’ pass.

Which classes are included in the Lightning pass?

There are 9 classes per week that your child(ren) can take from the comfort and safety of your own home.

*Pricing is per household

Sky Strong:
A fun workout session that is great for replacement for your gym class that will benefit all levels/aged tumblers, dancers and stunters! Get your sweat on while you get stronger – the sky way!

Tumbling Intro/ Level 1: A tumbling class focused on the basics. We recommend this class to everyone. You can NEVER put too much work into your basic tumbling skills: handstands, rolls, cartwheels, power hurdles, round offs, walkovers, safe landing positions,

Tumbling Level 2+: Minimum requirement of this class are all skills listed in the Intro/L1 class. This class will heavily focus on the shapes and drills for handspring, tucks, layouts and twisting skills. Athlete will have a clear understanding of body shapes while ensuring they have the strength to hold them!

Dancer Class: Perfect for any age or level! A great way to burn some energy in the evening and keep those motions sharp. This class is geared towards practice learning new choreography each week, motion isolation paired with foot movement and most importantly: performance. All of these skills sure to help make you the new point dancer of your team.

Flyer Class: Great for any age or level! This class will focus on stability, strength, AND flexibility! If you have a stunt stand bring it a long OR a soup can can work great too!

Bases and Backspot Training: This class will ensure proper lines, strength technique and focused on grips! For this class athletes with need the following materials at hand: Regular sized book bag, weights or a couple of filled water bottles AND cheer sneakers!

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