Full Year Competitive Program

Sky Athletics has one of the most successful and FUN full year competitive programs in the Maritimes!

Our 2020-2021 season at a glance: 

  • Level-training will begin in June. Athletes can attend 1-2 leveled training per week. Due to Covid-19, Level-training classes will begin online and slowly transition into the gym. Sky Athletics is developing a procedure in correspondence with government health mandates to ensure safety from the moment you pull into our parking lot, to when you pull out.

    When we first start there will be no stunting and no spotting. We are developing the training regime to prepare for stunts and to teach grips without stunting.  Our athletes will be stronger and more flexible than they’ve ever been.

    Our other skills: tumbling, jumps, performance, transitions will be locked down so when we are permitted to stunt, our other skills will need less training. Most importantly we can give kids some normalcy!

  • No experience necessary, our talented staff can teach you everything you need to know!
  • There will be no “placements” this year. For returning athletes, a Sky staff remember will be in touch regarding what training your athlete should attend. For new members, we will invite you to a private lesson, or invite new members to submit a video, to evaluate skills and determine what level training they should attend.
  • Practices begin the last week of June 8-11 2021.
  • Each team practices once a week Mon-Thurs throughout the summer
  • Come September:
    • Ages 5-6 have one practice a week on Sundays
    • Ages 7-8 have one practice a week on Wednesdays
    • Ages 9+ add a Sunday practices in addition to their 1 weeknight practice