Skill Based Classes

Twinkle Tots:  This class is for children to learn the very basics of cheerleading while developing their coordination and social skills. Twinkle tots will encourage your child to be active and have fun once a week for 45 minutes. Our twinkle tots program is offered from September - June.

Ages 2-3

Flyers Flex and Conditioning Class:
 Does your child want to be a flyer? Or do they need to work on their flexibility? This class will focus on building flexibility, a crucial part of being a flyer, and conditioning and drills to teach athletes the art of flying. flexibility is also essential for tumbling skills.


Tumbling Classes:  our tumbling classes consist of drills and conditioning to progress your child's tumbling (or flipping) skills. Athlete's will start with drills, and then move to performing the skill on our customized air track before moving to the floor.


Level 1: The focus of this class is on the fundamentals necessary for advanced tumbling and will include conditioning: proper handstand, round offs, front and back walkovers.


Level 2: This class will focus on front and backhand springs and connecting these skills to level 1 skills. In order to sign up for this class athletes must have proper level 1 skills and be able to demonstrate these skills consistently.


Level 3:  This class is for intermediate tumblers who are ready to work on tucks.  You must have a solid standing and running back handspring in order to participate in this class.


Aerials & Flips: This class is perfect for dancers. The focus will be on aerials, front and back walkovers and handsprings.


Private Lessons:  Sky Athletics Instructors will offer 45 minute private lessons. Like our classes these must be pre-registered for. Athletes can sign up for individual lessons as needed, or a block of 4 classes or a block of 8 with their favourite instructor. Private lessons slots are very limited.

Does your program/team need a tumbling class? Maybe a stunt class? Contact SKY ATHLETICS today and we can set something up that suits your needs & budget.

Please see our schedule to see which classes are currently being offered and when.